You won’t believe what this devout fan did for a Miss India contestant

There hasn’t been day without advising our Miss India contestants on the importance on keep the connections active and the love flowing around.

That has never been easier when you can vote for your favorite candidate straight inside our Rabbler app  and shower her with as much love as you can

It wasn’t always like that right?

We all remember when the Miss India beauty pageant was one of these closed up type of extravaganza event with no one really having idea how the final winner is being elected.

That has changed forever.

A miss India contestant can now spread love, and get more love back straight from their most beloved fans straight from the Rabbler app

Our leading Rabbler Miss Popular contestant seemed to have taken this seriously and close to her heart.

Here is what a devout fan did for her recently:

rajkaya 3

This is how a techie’s love looks like, presuming that this sweet gesture comes from a technologist having a boring day at his cubicle.

With a dedicated URL consisting of our Rajkanya’s full name a person will be redirected to Rabbler’s Miss Popular poll.

Rajkanya was swift in her reaction. Her words are sweat:


Is this worth it?

It damn is!

All fans who vote for her can also Boost his vote with Rabbler’s paid feature and enter the list of people competing for once in a lifetime privilege – Dinner with Miss India 2016.

Therefore support Rajkanya, shower her with love from every corner of the web, Boost your Vote  and be ready to share a dinner with the Final Winner of Miss India 2016. All costs covered :)

Shoot in comments in case you got any questions for us

Rajkanya – Keep up the good work girl!