Meet Kushagra the winner of Day out with Miss Delhi 2016

No. Not even 685 boosted vote for your favorite Miss India contestant on Rabbler could make you ready for that fine morning when your phone rings and the voice on the other side tells you that you are going to spend a day with the most beautiful girl in Delhi.

You jump and almost shiver. Your joy is mixed with doubt. How is it going to be like? They are the finalist of Miss Delhi 2016 contest. Will I be good enough? What the hell am I going to talk to them about?

Kushagra went through these episodes several time as he made his mind ready to share a lunch with the 3 winners of Miss Delhi 2016.

He was the lucky winner among all the users of the Rabbler app where a person can back and support his favorite Miss India 2016 straight from her regional auditions all the way to the finals if she has what it takes.

The contest was merely open for few days but it generated tremendous interestest inside the Rabbler community. Yet only one could be the winner. Only one could date the 3 winners of Miss Delhi 2016.

Kushagra still remembers the instant sensation of his body freezing in the moment at the first encounter with those lovely girls. We decided to ask him few more questions about his epxeirence and see how it went

Kushagra, please tell us about yourself.

Hi my name is Kushagra and I am currently pursuing  my Bachelors in Computer Science from SRM University in Chennai.

Why did you decide to opt in for the Day Out with Miss Delhi 2016 contest?

When I read about the contest on Facebook I was quite excited about getting to meet the three finalists of the Miss Delhi pageant. It’s not everyday that you get such an opportunity so I joined Rabbler and got lucky!!

Thank you Rabbler for that 😀

How would you describe your overall state of mind during the lunch with the winners of Miss Delhi 2016?

I met the winners at the lunch and had a great time with then. Rinki, Priyadarshini and Natasha were great to hang out with. We discussed what their plans are going forward, how this win is going to change things amongst other things and got to know that they are just a bunch of incredibly sweet and normal girls who happened to be beauty queens. Overall we had a great time it was a real pleasant experience.

If you have to choose one of the 3 as your favorite which one would that be?

Hmmm, tough choice but I am going to side with Priyadarshini on this one.

Can you please unveil how many Rabbler tickets you purchased inside the app to get a chance to date those lovely girls?

I purchased a total of 685 tickets to maximize my chances of winning the lucky draw.

In case you felt eagerness to be in the place of Kushagra, there is a great surprise lined up for you. In just 2 days we are launching our Day Out with Miss India 2016 contest.

The fortunate Rabbler winner will get the rarest chance ever to spend a full day out with the national winner of Miss India 2016 beauty pageants.

If that’s you, then you will be eligible for a fancy lunch with India’s beauty queen, photo session with her and her companion across all the PR program reserved for the winner the next day

If you want a better look at how Day Out with Miss Delhi 2016 winners went for Kushagra, we invite you to have a look at the recording below.