Your vote counts. Help us choose Miss India 2016

For the first time ever, you can directly be a part of choosing the next Miss India.

We are extremely proud to announce a beautiful amalgamation of passion, vision and grace. Fbb Femina Miss India 2016 has partnered with Rabbler, the fastest growing social polling platform, to allow people to vote for their preferred contestant right from the local audition level.

You can make your voice matter in two ways:

    1.  At every city audition, all the girls who do not qualify for the regional round at the end of the day, launch a Hot/Not poll on Rabbler with an awesome photo of theirs and invite their fans to vote for them on Rabbler app and browser-widgets.

The girl with the maximum Hot votes from a given city wins a Second Chance to audition for the regional round along with the other selected girls from that city. Suyukti already won tons of Rabbler hearts in Lucknow just like Purvi did in Jaipur.

Tens of thousands of people from all over the nation have already voted on the 2nd chance polls putting all the non-metro towns on the map. For Delhi, you can not only vote your favorite contestant but boost your vote to win a lucky prize for a glamorous day out with Miss Delhi Winners 

     2.    At the end of each regional round, 10-15 girls get chosen by the judges for the regional pageant. At that stage, FMI launches a Rabbler Miss Popular poll featuring all the pageant contestants allowing you to vote for your favorite contestant. The girl with the maximum votes wins the Rabbler Miss Popular award.

 3.   At the national pageant to be held in Mumbai, you will get a chance to vote for your favorite contestant for the national Rabbler Miss Popular award.

Call yourself a patriot standing for your local contestant or a stalker or just a well-wisher or whatsoever else you wish, but now you have not to excuse not to contribute in the most prestigious contest of beauty and grace ever.

Pick your favorite contestant, vote for her from the Rabbler app and watch how your voice gets to decide the next Femina Miss India beauty queen.

It has never been easier hasn’t it?