Suyukti Seth – Lucknow second chance winner and Miss India 2016 contestant

Allahabad no longer seems to be popular for it’s glorious temple and stirring history and the Kumb Mela :)

Beautiful,  brimming with culture Allahabad is also the home of evanescence wing of artists, intellectuals and by all means the future Miss India too.

A Corporate Lawyer  by Profession, this girl with no Social Media presence raced her way to win a chance at Miss India on Rabbler with sheer ground force campaign. The story of Suyukti Seth is a story of beauty and fight sweetly blending together, one that you would like to tell to your grand kids before they start to dream.

1) Tell us something about who Suyukti is?

I was born in Gorakhpur, but traveled all of India from Lucknow, Mumbai, Indore and Patna as my father’s transferable job in a Pharmaceutical company.  We are settled in Allahabad since I was in Standard XI. Have a brother who works in Hyderabad and my mom is a homemaker. I did my undergrad from Fergusson College, Pune.

2) How was Suyukti as a kid? Was she as determined, focused and professional as we see her today?

A2. Not at all. As a kid, I was the most rebellious, notorious, tom boyish kind of girl where parents had a tough time disciplining me. I was also expelled from school once. However, I was always determined to what I set my eyes on.

3) Suyukti, we notice you had a very small group of Facebook friends. How did you reach out to your audience to digitally vote you on Rabbler

A3. Well, collecting votes was like a campaign in itself. I identified my physical audience to target- coaching Institutes and colleges. They are a plenty in Allahabad. IAS, Legal, Engineering, Bank PO to name a few.  

I requested the college authorities and coaching heads for a 30 minute slot, and for last 10 days I have literally gone out and asked for their support. I asked them to support their girl from Allahabad, and I sincerely thank their overwhelming response.  Perhaps, now I can easily stand for a state election too! ha ha ☺

Not just coaching institutes, in the last 2 days me and mom went around sticking flyers at restaurants where young crowd use to hang out.. My mom said only place left was perhaps Allahabad High court

4) It is stunning to see how a ground campaign could bring you such phenomenal results in such short span of 15 days. So, you would be getting a second chance in a day.. Why would you like to become Miss India?

I am for Animals. Many organizations work for human social cause, but there is plight of animals which is completely not talked or heard about. I am a member of Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center and have seen the misery they go through.  I would like to do meaningful work on Animal Rights and Preservations. My first love is my 6 dogs which stay with me, and I relate with this   as much as any human.