5 tips to persuade your Facebook friends to vote for you on Rabbler

It is no big secret 

The most successful contestants for Rabbler Miss Popular and Rabbler Face of the week   get the majority of their votes from their social networks.

They invite their friends sometimes via public post and sometimes by personally addressing and writing to individual friend of theirs

They are lovely, they are charming they know how to ask and they are irresistible.

You already got what it takes to do it yourself. You just need few tips to boost things up.

  1. Keep it sweet. Your Facebook friends are overwhelmed with content but they always enjoy to see that charming figure of yours. You just need to remind them. I recommend you to post a status update reminder inviting your Facebook friends to support you and vote for you. Keep it short and don’t post too often.
  2. Nail the timing. We’ve found out that the best time to post on Facebook is morning between 9 and 11 am. that’s the time when most people commute to their working places and dread their lives because of the traffic jam or a crowded metro. They got few minutes to spare and they hang online.
  3. Pick your best and most influencing friends on Facebook. Write them personally send them a digital kiss and prompt them to share your Facebook updates with their friends. Share a drink with them if necessary in return. This is not a game for the faint in heart. It’s Miss India winning we are talking about. Do whatever it takes.
  4. Always post a picture with your status update. To make the pic even more appealing go to Canva.com upload your picture and apply few quick photo filters. It takes just 3 minutes to do that. Then go back on Facebook and hit Publish.
  5. Find your old college’s Facebook group. Colleges Facebook group are hyperactive and super supportive. tell them that an Alumni of theirs is fighting for a ultimate achievement. Prepare your sweetest status update your best picture and post. Do not forget to include the link to the Rabbler app download link

Nail these few first. Soon, we will share even more tips on how to prompt your Facebook friends to support you on Rabbler.

Now go get them girl!!