Introducing Rabbler Face of the Week!

We are overwhelmed by the acceptance the effort and the support our contestants receive on Rabbler Second Chance Contest to Miss India 2016 #fbbFMI2016Almost overnight we have captured the imagination of hundreds of charming young girls all over India and have given them something beautiful to dream off.

They took that dream far ahead wit charm and grace

They understood that both charm and hard work too are required to reach the pinnacle of success

They have understood the Rabbler message.

To celebrate beauty and  the chastity of effort Rabbler is introducing the Rabbler Face of the Week award.

Are you going to be qualified for it?

Yes you will. Rabbler Face of the week award will be opened for every Rabbler member whose poll will collect the maximum votes for the week.

What is the meaning of Rabbler Face of the week award?

It is a recognition of your beauty and charm. It demonstrates a living proof of your ability to develop a community around yourself. It celebrates your definition of beauty, your ability to make bridges and bring people close around you.

The Rabbler Face of the week competition starts today.

Every week on Sunday evening the winner with the maximum votes on his Rabbler poll will  be officially announced on the Rabbler’s official channel and across our Social Media channels.

Keep on Rabbling