Interview with Purvi Bhardwaj, leading Rabbler beauty queen from Jaipur

Across cities and states, Rabbler faces shine through.They inspire others to dream, they push us to hope and they make what was once a distant dream now a tangible flower.Team Rabbler decided to reach out to our leading Rabbler beauty queens and bring their stories back to you.

You will soon seen how beautiful charming and full of grace are yet their action are sweet simple but persisent. May their stories inspire you to chase your dreams as well.

Read about Purvi, our leading contestant from Jaipur who recently kick-started herself on rabbler for the fbb Femina Miss India 2016 Beauty pageant. If she wins the maximum votes on Rabbler she will get a direct entry into Miss India regional audition even if she wasn’t selected during the city audition.

The story of Purvi from Jaipur follows below:


  • Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a simple girl from Lucknow, city of Nawabs, loves to sing, dance and be merry. Came to this wonderful city of Jaipur to pursue my Masters in Business Administration.

  • Why did you decide to compete for Miss India beauty pageant on Rabbler

My excitement towards the pageant was brushed on me through my elder sister Ankita, who is a complete fashion freak and crazy for the crown. She was denied the opportunity as she fell short of 5’6” but not before the bug bit me and I so wish to win it for myself and her


  • Who is your biggest supporter in this effort? Can you share a bit about that person?


Definitely my parents and my sister. Coming from a very traditional family, it wasn’t easy for them to allow me my dream into world of fashion. However, they did just for me and thanks a ton to my sister who convinced them on it.


  • How according to you the next Miss India should be like?


Miss India is a great brand. They becomes idols and people love them all over India. Such a girl should be a big influencer. A beauty with a lot of good sense and ability to influence the society for good


  • Can you share few tips on how did you manage to get your votes on Rabbler?


Getting votes on Rabbler was great fun experience. I tapped my networks for sure, but more than I knocked on each door of hostel at my institute and requested people I never spoke before to make me a winner. To my pleasure, they all stood by me .. and helped me spread my message into their circles.. I never knew I could create my own network through a trigger from Rabbler Second Chance.

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