Do you want to date Delhi’s beauty queens? Here is how!

Miss India 2016 is coming up!

Miss Delhi 2016 auditions are just a day away. And one lucky drawer will date them all!


Warning – what comes below is not for the faint hearted.

Miss India recently joined hands with Rabbler to encourage girls from all over India to reach out for their dreams and put up their profile on Rabbler for second chance auditions, encouraging users to place a simple Hot vs Not vote.

Rabbler’s basket of surprises does not end here.

One fortunate Rabbler voter will be given a chance to spend a day with the three gorgeous ladies who win the Femina Miss India Delhi 2016 pageant! Yes, you heard that right. A day out with with three stunning ladies !

That means that you would be Miss Delhi’s direct companion for a day starting with breakfast and during the photo shooting sessions and take part in the entire agenda that the organizing committee has put in place for the Miss Delhi winners, the day after the event.

Now you will have no excuse to say that you were always the super charming guy but just not lucky!

The Femina Miss India 2016 Delhi auditions happen on 27th of February.

Delhi’s finest is already competing on Rabbler too for the second chance ticket, so don’t be surprised if your eyes get overwhelmed from the sheer glamour that awaits you there.

Here comes the final surprise for the really eager ones :)

Rabbler’s new feature called Boost you vote is for those who truly want to play the game. Pick your favorite contestant, vote for her on Rabbler then boost your vote.

You can boost your vote for as many times as you wish. Every new boosted votes increases your chance to win the contest and be selected to spend a day out with Miss Delhi 2016.

This truly makes it a game doesn’t it?

May the best man win!